Foxxy Ladies and Gents, I would like to introduce myself now that you have entered Foxx land. My name is Carmel Foxx. I am a lover of ALL things Beauty.  Hair, Makeup, Fashion and most of all Confidence. To me there is nothing sexier than a fully committed confident man or woman. I myself am very confident and can be swayed by very little. I know what looks good. I have always had a knack for looking at something and noticing the beauty right from Jump.

The name Carmel Foxx was a gift from back in high school this guy had a crush on me and he used to flirt with me all the time and gave me little nick names. Well this one nick name Carmel Foxx just stuck and he called me it everyday when I would walk into class so I finally asked him why he kept calling me that and his reply was because my skin color reminded him of caramel (but he pronounced it) Carmel and Foxx came from the confidence I had when I walked in the room. So after hearing the meaning of the name I adopted and have been using it ever since and its been a good 16 years now.

I will be taking you on a journey of fashion mainly focusing on the girls with curves, makeup tips and tricks and hair care routines do’s and don’t that are helping me through my hair care journey. I will also be showcasing my talents as I am a makeup artist and I love creating new looks and helping my Foxx friends see the beauty they feel inside. I also will be showing some beauty finds hits and misses because I love to shop and its no secret I will spend my last dime on a nice outfit, some good hair, or irresistible accessories!

So stay tuned more to come!

Get Foxxd Up!