I love beauty and fashion…Im obsessed that pretty much sums up this Section!

There’s so much to say about me that I can never sum it up in just a few characters. lol! Any who one thing that I really love about myself is that I am super loyal…almost too loyal. I feel like if I have a connection with you and I trust you than I’m on your team no matter what. I am also very loving. I’m not very affectionate but I love to love and I show my love by support, encouragement, and gifts. I love to laugh and have a good time if you can get me to laugh you have got a friend for life! I am a huge believer in self discovery. It took me a long time to finally figure out who I was what I liked and where I wanted to go and the only way I found that out was by spending some time just getting to know myself. One last thing I would like everyone to know about me is that I am extremely open minded. I have a wide variety of friends and I don’t judge any of them for the lifestyle decisions they choose to make or who they choose to love. So I invite you in to have a seat sit back and enjoy the ride if you like what you see stick around and you wont be disappointed, if not keep it to yourself cause that’s your problem!


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