The Ultimate Christmas Wish List

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Happy holidays Everyone!

As the big day draws near I know how difficult it can be to pick out a gift for that special someone in your life so I have come up with a list to give you some Inspiration and ideas while you’re shopping online or at the mall!

The Ultimate

Christmas Wish List

Gifts for Her

1. Money

2. A massage gift card

3. Candles

4. Perfumes or body lotions

5. Books

6. Jewelry

7. Clothes

8. Foot massager

9. MakeUp

10. Handbags

11. Cozy slippers

12. Nail polish

13. Hair care products

14. Diva/Ring Light

15. Fuzzy Socks

16. Silk pillow cases

17. Planner/scheduler

18. Journal

19. Shoes

20. Day spa trip

Gifts For Him

1. Computer

2. Watch

3. Wallet

4. Shot glasses

5. Tools

6. Video game consoles

7. Video games

8. Clothes

9. Underwear and socks

10. Gift cards

11. Camera

12. Movie tickets

13. Sports Gear

14. Engraved Jewelry

15. Tennis shoes

16. Audio equipment

17. Gaming Chair

18. Car accessories

19. Cash

20. Massage gift certificate

Happy Holidays!

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