Holiday Shopping 101

Disclosure: This post May contain affiliate links and at no cost to you I may receive a commission if you purchase through them.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I don’t know about you but the feeling this season evokes is like a positive chemical reaction to my brain. I know different people feel different emotions when the holiday season arrives. Whether it’s missing a loved one who is no longer with us or not being able to go shopping like you’re a millionaire with disposable income. Either way we should accept the holiday season with joy in our hearts and a smile on our face.

Here are some shopping tips you will want to implement to keep your emotional state intact.

1. DIY (Do it yourself) if you don’t have the financial capacity to splurge on a gift then make one. There’s always tutorials and craft ideas online you can look up and even spend no more than you like by shopping at The Dollar Tree. (My favorite spot!)

2. Shop online- items like clothes and jackets will always be on sale during this season, and more then likely will be cheaper online rather than physically going into the store.

3. Spend with purpose and spend with a budget- There is something dissatisfying about receiving a gift that was poorly thought out or it’s not something you would buy yourself. Do not assume just because you spent an arm and a leg that the recipient will be happy because it was expensive. Think about who you are buying for and really take the time to get something you are sure they need, want or will enjoy.

For me personally I love clothes I am so into fashion and looking the part so the perfect gift for me would be clothes, scarves, coats, jackets, blazers, jeans, dresses and so much more. One of my favorite sites for affordable plus size clothes would be lovelywholesale they have the trendiest clothing’s and accessories to make any holiday outfit!

Lastly if you can not afford to buy anyone anything just know that it’s ok don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Instead of thinking about the money you can’t spend, just appreciate the time that you can spend it makes the world of difference because time is the one gift that you can’t return!

Peace love and light


Happy holidays

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