3 Simple Steps to Achieve the Perfect Wash N Go

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So I know what you’re thinking! Lawd please not another wash and go guide. Fortunately Yes it is. I just want to quickly share my results from my last wash n go that I did a few days ago. Recently I have been obsessed with my hair trying new products and just looking at my hair like I’ve never looked at it before. I used to feel some type of way about my hair until my husband said to me “Do you know how many woman would love to have your type of hair?” Ever since that moment I really had to stop and look at my hair texture, curl pattern and length; slowly but surely it actually started to grow on me.

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Imagine after all these years finally starting to love my NATURAL hair as it grows from my scalp. I’ve never really taken the time to notice what my hair likes and what it responds best to I just always thought my hair never did what I wanted it to do and that’s because I didn’t know my hair. So now that I am done comparing my hair to famous you tubers, bloggers, Instagram influencers and celebrities I finally know how to treat my hair. The past few wash n go’s that I have done have all been used with gel, but I have noticed that the process is way too long with applying the gel section by section, finger detangling and drying. Chile ain’t nobody got time for that! I also noticed that the different gels that I was using was drying my hair out, and remember I live in Southern California so I cannot afford to have anything additional drying out my hair!

I thought to myself what if I skip the gel? Of course I’m thinking that a disaster is bound to occur with nothing to keep my hair intact after it dries over night. Well the results were mind blowing. I did use a new conditioner when I washed and detangled in the shower and when I got out I also used a leave in conditioner, Black Jamaican castor oil and coconut anti breaking serum. I towel dried my hair to remove some of the excess product and tied it up into a pineapple pony tail with a satan scarf around it. Which did not stay on all night by the way (eye roll). Any how here are the results and the products used, as you can see I was very happy. That volume is EVERYTHING! I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Talk soon


Step 1. Co-wash and detangle in the shower while your hair is wet.

Step 2. Add leave in conditioner and some type of oil to lock in the moisture. Towel dry to remove some of the excess product.

Step 3. Tie hair in a pineapple pony tail leave over night to air dry. Remove pony tail in the morning and use a pick to fluff out hair To desired volume.

*Additional Step* if hair is still not dry then blow dry it on low cool heat with diffuser until dry.

Maui Moisture Conditioner

Pineapple pony tail

After drying over night and picking out to desired volume

Inspired by confidence

Curl excellence


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