Wash N Go (update)

Hey Foxxy Ladies and Gents! I have received some questions in regards to my wash n go routine so I am here to bring you some updates!

Let me be the first to say that I am not sure why it’s called a “Wash N Go” because that is the furthest from the truth. This routine is a good day and a half process if you don’t have a blow dryer handy.

So first things first, I start by finger detangling my hair before I co-wash. It’s easy for me to get all the tangles out before the water hits my hair because it’s a wrap after that! After I detangle I part my hair into the sections I want it to lay when it’s dried, I find that it’s easier to comb and style this way. Next I scratch my scalp and bring any dandruff, dead skin, and build up to the surface so that it washes away once the water hits it. The stimulation is also good for blood flow and circulation. Now it’s shower time, I’m usually in the shower a good 20 to 30 minutes with most of the time spent detangling and singing along with pandora! The water is warm to cold by now which is great because my hair responds best to cold water. I have found that co-washing and cold water is great for retaining moisture. I’ve stopped using shampoo for a few months now and I have noticed less drying and breakage and more retention of hair. After my hair is clean and detangled I throw a healthy amount of almond oil and creme of nature’s leave in conditioner and massage at the roots and I’m not stingy with the tips. I then wrap my hair with a towel to dry using the natural heat from my head and allowing the product to penetrate my scalp and work it’s magic. After an hour goes by I now unwrap my hair and it’s so soft and manageable and I now divide it into 5 sections for gel prep. I take each individual section using the praying hands method and I apply a generous amount of gel on the section until it is completely saturated and I can see the coils and definition. After each section is complete I use the banding method with hair ties to stretch my hair as much as possible. It’s now bedtime and I will finish the rest in the morning.

It’s now morning time and I unwrap my hair take off the rubber bands and pour a little coconut oil into my hands and gently distribute with out frizzing anything up. Next I break out my blow dryer and diffuser detachment and I dry for about 30 minutes making sure my hair is completely dry. And now I’m ready for the world to believe “I woke up like this” with an effortless hairstyle that naturally grows from my scalp all moisturized defined and bouncy!

Before I started using the banding method

After I starting using the banding method and non shrinking gel by Aunt Jackie’s

What are some of your wash n go routines and favorite products? Comment down below thanks for reading!


Carmel Foxx

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