Perfectly Plus

Ok so first things first, I do not like the fact that the word “Plus” is used to describe our figure and our clothing. It’s like I’ve never seen a plus sign on the scale or on a price tag. I just wanted to share this outfit because it made me coin the term perfectly plus. I love the way the peplum skirt compliments my waist. It gave me a shape that made me feel like I was perfect in the skin I’m in, I felt comfortable in my own body and I didn’t want to be anyone else. You can never really go wrong with a peplum top or bottom, it’s just one of those designs that compliments many shapes and sizes and this skirt is literally one of my favorites it goes with almost anything! I just had to share this outfit because it’s one of my favorites, I paired it with an animal print long sleeve sheer top to give the skirt some flavor it was perfect. The ankle booties were perfect for this California fall weather.

What are some of you’re favorite looks?

Thanks for stopping by!

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