Top 10 Ways to Living Your Best Life!

I can honestly say that I love my Life! There may be some things I’d like to change or enhance but that doesn’t stop the joy that I feel when I look at the life I have created. I have a beautiful family and a positive self image. I wasn’t always this way. I used to wonder what my life would be like if I looked a certain way or if I weighed a certain amount and that was making me miserable. To be honest I was too busy wondering what my life could be like instead of having the life I imagined. I didn’t do this self reflection until I turned 30 years old. On the day I turned thirty May 12, 2015 I realized something, I realized I was getting older and not in a bad way but in a way that made me stop to think about my biological clock going forward and not backward so if I ever wanted to truly be happy it had to happen immediately and the first place I looked was with in myself. For a few weeks I didn’t use social media. That break allowed me time to reflect on myself only, I didn’t compare my life to other people’s life or my body to anyone else’s. What I learned about myself is that I am very smart, very determined and very loving. So I took those feelings that I felt for myself and I started to shower them upon others and I have continued to do so every since. So I want to share with you the top 10 ways I’ve discovered to live your best life.

1. Love Thy Self

You can go no further or do no good until you have accomplished that step first. If you’ve ever been on an airplane the stewardess reminds you in case of an accident put your oxygen mask on first. It took me a while to grasp that concept because I did not know how to love myself first because I was always loving somebody else in stead but it was draining. So what I found out was that I was doing so much for other people that I had nothing left to give myself and that was not a good feeling. So love yourself first and then divvy up the remaining love amongst everyone else in your life.

2. Go Easy on Yourself-

I don’t know about anyone else but I despise when I mess up. Ugh I just get this feeling in the pit of my stomach when I make a mistake and it just eats at me and makes me sick. Well obviously that wasn’t healthy. So I had to adjust my thinking. Take sometime to tell yourself that it is ok to make a mistake and and try again but it’s a mistake never to try at all.

3. Be Mindful of your thoughts-

Have you ever thought about something or someone and they ended up calling you or you seen them out and you said “hey I was just thinking about you!” Well that’s because your thoughts brought them in to your frequency and for a moment you were operating on the same wave length or vibration. Thoughts are powerful and they can make your life great or make your life hell.

4. Always Live with Expectations

Each day that you are blessed to see should be filled with Great expectations. You should expect for the job you applied for to call you for an interview, you should expect to get that promotion you have been working so hard for, you should expect to be approved for that small business loan to jumpstart your business. You should expect that all things will work together for your good.

5. Develop a Morning Routine

What ever you do on a consistent basis becomes a habit so make sure you have a morning routine that sets you up for success. Every morning I wake up I express feelings of gratitude for being able to see another day healthy and in my right mind. I then meditate for 15 minutes. I meditate for clarity, focus, happiness and productivity. Meditation is important because it is your one chance to set the tone for the day and to get in touch with your highest self.

6. Remain Focused-

Don’t allow the distractions of life, your job your family and friends the media or the internet to deter you from your goals. There has been many a-day where I would sit down to write and then got distraction from a notification on my phone and then from that distraction I was lead to another distraction and so on. So stay focused if you have a plan to accomplish for the day then stick to it until it’s finished.

7. Make Good Decisions-

That gut feeling you get when something is right or wrong, that’s called your instinct. For the most part we all know when something is right or wrong the answers lay inside you and when we chose the wrong answer we say to ourselves “I knew it.” So trust your gut it’s directing your path.

8.Do Not Compare-

The goal is to be happy with what you have when you have it, but if we are too busy focused on what our neighbors have we lose sight in what’s important. Yes there will be people with more money or better looks but that’s none of your business your job is to play the hand you’re dealt to the best of your ability because anybody who plays card games knows that at some point during the game you will be dealt another card.

9. Be Patient-

Rome wasn’t built in a day and change doesn’t happen over night. It takes time to build character it takes time to realize that integrity comes from with in. Do not get weary if you slip up or have a bad day it happens. If you are working on being a better person or having a better attitude and someone presses your buttons take time and reflect on why your buttons are being pressed and acknowledge that you have the responsibility to respond not react.

10. Be Yourself-

Nothing gives me more comfort knowing that there is only one me. Like I’m the only one there is nobody that can smile like me love like me support like me or give advice like me. I have the pleasure of knowing that no one can take my place in life because once I’m gone that’s it there’s no duplicate or do overs. So I am honored that i am able to see another day or laugh with my family and friends. Joy comes from with in and and I take joy in going outside stopping and smelling the roses or hearing the birds chirp or traffic on the highway. Over all I’ve become aware that life is precious and can not be wasted and over all I am living my best life because it’s the only one I’ve got.

What steps are you taking to enhance your life? Let me know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading



  1. Excellent tips! We only have so many days to enjoy, and I think it’s important we actually enjoy them instead f worrying about what can happen in the future 🙂


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