How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business

Let’s just start by saying Pinterest is not just for pictures. It is a search engine! Often times we are using these social media networks with out proper knowledge on what they are actually used for. I’m sure you’re thinking how could I be confused about what Pinterest is used for? It’s used to look at pictures duhhhhh. Uh and at that train of thought you would be incorrect. Pinterest is so much more than pictures it’s a tool. A tool that can be used in more than one way. The minute I discovered I could used Pinterest for my business I immediately began to research how to do so.The first step I made was to convert my personal interest account to a business account. This step is extremely important because you need to see the stats and analytics on how your profile and pins are performing. Once you convert to a business account it will take 7 days to gather data and site metrics. Don’t let the time frame discourage you just continue to build your Pinterest account as the days fly by. Once your site numbers are calculated and uploaded to the system BOOM! You have something to work towards. Now when I first converted my boards were doing ok but they weren’t being maximized to their full potential. I realized that I had to make everything thing on my Pinterest profile discoverable and niche specific. I know you’re thinking well how do I do that. Simple take a look at your profile name does it describe who you are and what you do if not change it now pinners should know what to expect when they come to your page. I am a Jewelry consultant for Paparazzi and that is specifically in my description so that lovers of fabulous Five Dollar Jewelry will know where to find me. I also love fashion for plus size woman in which you find that in my description as well. Now that I have converted my personal account to a business account I am able to see what areas need improvement and what is doing well. I use my pins to drive traffic to my website so that lovers of a particular pin can visit my website and read my blog and buy jewelry. Since I have converted I have gone from 11k viewers per month to over 230k viewers per month with over 9k monthly visits to my website. In my next blog post I will show you exactly how that was done.

What are some ways you use social media to grow your business?

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