5 Minute Exercises To Do At Work.

The word exercise comes from the Latin word exercere which means to keep busy or at work.

I find it ironic that the work literally means to be busy or at work but it’s the complete opposite of what we do at work. Especially at a desk job. 50 percent of U.S Adults admit they don’t get the physical exercise they need on a daily basis.

Sitting all day increases your risk for obesity, back pain, leg cramps, poor posture, tense muscles and boredom. Let’s do some quick calculations real quick. If there are 24 hours in a day and for 8-10 hours most of us sit at a desk at work then we have the commute to and from work also sitting which can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours that could potentially add up to 12 hours of sitting per day 5 days a week which totals 60 hours a week give or take a few hours that we are completely sitting.

Studies have shown the more hours spent sitting the more opportunity fat cells have to expand. Talk about depressing, Not to mention the lack of activity slows down metabolism and increases appetite, speaking from experience. Eventually you get to a point were you become sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want to make a change.

Well I’ve come up with some quick exercises to do while you’re sitting at your desk to get your blood flowing, your motivation stimulated and your mind generating creativity. I promise you this works I have been doing these exercises for a few weeks and I’ve noticed more energy more positive thinking and less boredom. These exercises can be 5 minutes or less and should be done at least every hour, also remember to stay hydrated for optimum results!

Here are some exercises to shake the sitting slums of a desk job:

1. The Magic Carpet Ride- Cross your legs use your upper body strength and hold for 10 -20 seconds repeat 5 times

2. Side Bends- Place feet flat on the ground and bend to the right with your arm extended towards the ceiling for 5 seconds repeat with the other side do 3 times each side

3. Triceps Desk Dips- Place hands on edge of desk and bend elbows 90 degrees or whatever feels comfortable and go up and down repeat 15 times desk push ups place palms flat on the desk and lean forward repeat 15 times

4. Wooden Leg- hold your leg straight out in front of you raise it as high as you can and count to ten repeat with each leg 5 times

5. Invisible Chair Squats- pretend to sit in your chair but don’t sit all the way repeat 5 times

6. Sitting Spinal Stretch- twist body and hold for 15 seconds each

What are some of your favorite exercises or movements to keep your blood flowing at work? Let me know I’d love to hear from you!

Stay motivated keep moving and remain positive small changes everyday lead to great results tomorrow!

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    • Yes that’s me! It’s like I never thought you could be in pain sitting! But I experience back pain and every other kinda pain just by sitting! So I noticed these little exercises help reduce the pain!


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