Plush Size Style

I love getting dressed up! Sometimes I get dressed just to take the tags off of the clothes I have just chilling in my closet waiting to be used, or just to take pictures. Being plush size however I find that some of my outfits take a little more creativity than others! I am very plush and very proud however there are some obstacles that occur when getting dressed that need to be handled with care! I know this is a touchy subject because plush girls should be confident at all times however there are body issues that all woman have and I understand that some outfits are more flattering for my figure than others. I find that dressing for your shape gives extra credit to your photos that can’t be ignored. One of my go to looks for my shape is big hair a peplum top with a waist accentuating belt (for that extra snatched appearance ) and skinny jeans with a cute peep toe wedge, its my favorite shape flattering look! exhibit A below:

So until next time

Stay Foxxd Up


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