Beginners Guide: To becoming your own Boss

Don’t follow your dreams and be a leader work for the rest of your life and become a robot, said no one Ever! Daily Planner

I have no Idea who came up with this idea of working for 8-10 hours a day following rules and regulations given to you by corporate advisors who you will never meet. Being away from your family and friends for 5 some times 6 days a week missing out on important events is not my idea of living life. Being In an office setting with sad miserable passionless people is not my preferred daily environment. I have always had issues with becoming a robot pushing out massive amounts of work doing things that are humanly impossible just to meet quotas and demands that have been forced upon you by a supervisor who does nothing more than read magazines all day and make personal phone calls from her desk.

For the past few years I have worked for a bank that shall remain nameless because it is not important at this time, but none the less they have collected their fair share of my blood sweat and tears. At one point I became so stressed out and turned into a zombie and was in a robotic state for months until I had a health scare that made me wake up and re-evaluate my life. That health scare allowed me to take time from work and focus on what was important. Me. I was able to devote time to myself that I was not able to do in years and it felt great. Months had passed (flew by) and it was time to return to work not only was I not prepared to return but I did not want to give up the lifestyle and freedom that I was now accustomed to.

So I had to ask myself what can I do that will afford me the luxury to never go back to work again? What am I good at? It never dawned on me that I was already working for myself I just didn’t realize it yet. So I did some research and formally started my own business. Foxx Consulting Now don’t get me wrong it is not easy working for yourself because all of the decisions have to be made by you all of the paper work has to be filed by you, you have to make all the payments and you are responsible for your time. After I figured out that the corporate world was kind of on to something when they established the scheduling of an 8 hour day I adopted that model but tailored it to fit my business. So now that I have figured out how to be productive I set goals for myself. It may seem strange to call a staff meeting and you are the only one in the room but you have to sit down have a calendar and agenda and a note pad and set goals, hourly goals, daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals and I have that team meeting with myself to go over the goals I created if I accomplished those goals, and setting new goals for the month ahead.

Daily PlannerI am managing pretty well now coming up on an official year since I officially started my own business this coming September. I must say that I am super happy to be working for myself, it is very challenging (which is good for me) but also rewarding because I made the decision to do what was best, and that is delegating the hours of my day to the one person who matters most… ME! It is my experience that to become your own boss you have to believe in yourself. That’s literally all you need. you can figure out anything from there. So If you are talking yourself out of starting your own business, stop it now. I am too familiar with what those conversations sound like. I can’t do this, it’s too much work, I don’t know where to start trust me I’ve been through it all and the one thing that pushed me into my destiny was waking up getting my day started and my screen saver on my computer read, Hello Boss.

What drives you to be your own boss? How did you get started?





  1. Good for you, I am in my 32nd year of working in Corporate America and recently launched my own business with hopes that it takes me into retirement comfortably – so far so good!


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