The Content Trap

I’m stuck and I can’t get out. Have you ever been in a place where all your senses worked but you had no way of escape? I mean my vision works fine my hearing is perfect I can touch what’s in front of me and I can taste the success, but some how I don’t know how to get out off of this deserted island. I have been kidnapped by my desire to be successful blindfolded by fear and tied up by the unknown and I can’t seem to break free to get where I want to be.

I’ve started my blog again after a year of laying dormant and I’m trying to be more active and engaging on social media but the lack of content is keeping me in the basement of my thoughts. It’s like I see so many bloggers and so many social media entrepreneurs who post several times a day mean while I struggle to post once a week. Where’s my inspiration? Where do I go from here? What do I post tomorrow. I know it won’t happen over night but how will I know if this is for me. Maybe I should leave the blogging to the more experienced blogger and Instagram to the more photogenic, maybe I should continue being a robot going to work when I’m told going on break when I’m told eating lunch when I’m told and answering the phones when I’m told, maybe I was meant to be an employee not having any dreams of my own working to expand someone else’s empire…NOOOOTTTTTTTTTT! Just kidding! I am not meant to do any of those things I’m going to keep trying until I get it right don’t believe me just watch!

What are some way you get out of your content rut.?

Thanks for reading !

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