Why do we care?

Cheerio Mate! sorry just got done watching a British show on Netflix (cant pay? We’ll take it away) I love those kind of shows because its as close to reality TV as you can get. Any who as I was watching the people in distress as there possessions were being taking a way from them,  it made me ask myself why do people work so hard to prove their  worth to other people? What I mean by that is a lot of the people who were having trouble paying their rent or car notes is what people thought of them was more important than what they thought of themselves. In my honest opinion we truly care too much of what others think we have or how they think we are doing. I was in that situation myself along time ago when I was young and I cared about what people thought I had and what kind of car they seen me drive, so I got myself into a car with a car payment I knew I couldn’t afford. Now fast forward to my present situation I am in a car I’ve  had for 2 years and not missed one payment and its because when I picked out the car I had to ask myself if it was something I could afford? It may not be my ideal car (but how people thought I looked in the car did not matter I needed transportation and at this point in my life I really don’t care about what other people think I have how much they think I’m worth what they think I know or how they think I look. Everything that I value comes from what I hold to be true in my heart because I think so, and I must say I’m doing so much better by the way!

Thanks for visiting Foxxland,

You maybe wondering when I’m going to get to the fashion beauty and makeup.. soon my dear soon. I’m just getting my feet wet before diving straight in!

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